Who We Are

Greater than the sum of our work

Our work is not driven by awards or by aesthetic achievement — although we do have plenty of both. Instead, we focus on listening closely to client values and striving to understand what matters to you – and then use those cornerstones to design and create extraordinary buildings. We energize our clients by providing meaningful work backed by collaborative leadership and decades of experience. That’s what it means to synergize.

Synergy team

Patrick Giordana, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Priniciple of Architecture

Patrick Giordana is the Principle of Architecture for Synergy Architecture Studio. In the architectural industry for 35 years, Pat has been the head of an architectural team for over 25 years. His extensive portfolio includes architectural design for retail, manufacturing, corporate office, religious, housing, and medical facilities.

Pat has established himself as a leader in the design of a variety of medical facilities, including general practice, specialty practices, and imaging clinics such as MRI and CT modalities. Pat’s patient-centric design of multi-tenant medical buildings has resulted in numerous awards for design. He is a frequent presenter at symposiums addressing healthcare design and is respected as a leader in the industry in the Minneapolis/St. Paul markets.


Matthew O’Keefe

Architectural Project Manager

Matt O’Keefe is the Senior Project Manager for Synergy Architecture Studio. As a kid, Matt surrounded himself with Legos and feverishly snapped them into perfectly designed buildings. Matt has transitioned that childhood passion to managing and organizing healthcare architectural projects from initial concept to grand openings. At Synergy, Matt leads a team of professionals dedicated to smart and clean design that supports both the goals of the staff who will inhabit the space and the experiences of their patients.

A frequent panelist, Matt’s experience in healthcare has put him at the forefront of the industry, designing award-winning buildings and providing outstanding service and results for his clients. His dogged dedication to managing well-thought-out, well-designed, and well-executed projects makes him an invaluable leader at Synergy and in the architectural community.


Dylan Breyer

Architectural Drafter

Dylan Breyer is the BIM Technician for Synergy Architecture Studio. Dylan’s extensive knowledge of Building Information Modeling and his attention to detail result in documents that communicate design requirements to colleagues and clients alike. His behind-the-scenes role allows the team to transform designs on paper to reality on-site. With Dylan’s passion for building information modeling, he will certainly be known as a force in the industry.


Eric Mayer

Architectural Designer

Eric Mayer is an Architectural Designer for Synergy Architecture Studio. Eric’s design work is deeply rooted in a material and sensory curiosity he has explored through drawing, making, and building over the years. Eric has a broad view of what architecture is, can, and may be. He views projects big or small as an opportunity to design spaces and places that support patient and client wellness.

Along with his studio designs, Eric’s work researching memory-based material stimuli in architecture has been internationally published. He has also had architecturally site-specific installations constructed in galleries across the country. Eric finds beauty in clean, time-tested materials as well as new, high-performance synthetic materials and enjoys designing and detailing the necessary assemblies used to build lasting architectural works.

Synergy team photo